What They're Saying

We believe that word of mouth is the best advertising, because of that, here's what some happy clients are saying.

**Note: Regarding the following testimonial about Darrell Polee Jr. Darrell finished the high school season 1st in scoring in the Sac-Joaquin Section, 3rd in the State of California, and 20th in the Nation with a 31.3PPG average. Darrell also maintains a 3.9GPA. He is currently being recruited by multiple colleges.

"I do not know what to say about Coach Lance, and more importantly his family. I was looking for a trainer to help my boy out. Darrell is currently in transition from high school to hopefully Division I college basketball. I first met lance through my time as a coach with YBA. He in passing asked if Darrell could help as a young coach at his camp. Right away, I was so impressed with how organized his camps were. Darrell, my son, had a blast at the camp teaching these young athletes. Darrell himself learned a ton at the camp. During this time, I began to witness first hand what an outstanding coach and trainer lance was. If you need proof look no further then Lance’s two sons, who are outstanding players for their age and more importantly to me outstanding young men. I have been involved with coaching, training and playing varsity basketball for almost 10 years now. So I am coming to you with some knowledge. It has been my number one focus that I surround Darrell with outstanding people, and boy did I do that.

I inquired if Lance would be interested in personally training Darrell who is a senior in high school to try to push Darrell to the next level. Lance quickly agreed and drew up a very detailed training plan. Currently Darrell is 2nd in the state of CA in scoring and 15 in the nation. Darrell and I are crediting much of his current success to the training that coach lance has done with him. Also within that short time, we have become part of the Next Level family and Ohara family. The qualities they have and show daily are something as a parent I have been striving to teach my son. Darrell is a better player and more importantly a better person for having worked with and getting to know Next Level Basketball and the Ohara family.

Coach Lance is one the best amateur basketball trainer on the West Coast I feel! For all ages of training coach Lance is encouraging. He always has positive feedback that leaves you with a good feeling that if you work hard you can accomplish anything you want. Coach Lance is passionate and compassionate motivator of basketball skills and life skills. He reaches out for and inside each player to get them to believe in their ability to achieve greatness on and off the court.

My only regret is that we did not meet him sooner!!!"

Nate Stephens, former SacBee Coach of the Year
Antelope, CA

"I have been involved in the Basketball Business for over 10 years and I have been a part of many instructional camps, including professional player camps that have been directed by some of the best instructors around. But, I can honestly say that Next Level Basketball Training Camps with Lance and Cyndee are the best I have ever seen. Their camps are the most highly fundamental and 'schedule to detail' camps as there are anywhere. If you want your son or daughter to achieve the best in the game of basketball then Next Level Basketball Training is the way to get there"

Royce Browning
XtremeHoops Basketball Director/Owner & General Manager, Hardwood Palace

"A few years ago, my son lost his love for basketball after an unpleasant experience. He did not practice or play for about six months. I searched on the internet for trainers, and asked friends and family to recommend someone to help motivate my son and get him back out on the court. I did not know where to turn and was just about to give up when he was invited to play for a friends' team, who was coached by Lance Ohara. By the end of that game, Jashon was so excited about basketball again. He talked about Coach Lance and his knowledge about basketball that entire evening. He was so excited to share with me all that Lance had shared with him and what he had learned (YES- after only playing one game with Lances' team). I had not seen him that excited and motivated in a long time. I got in touch with Lance right away and signed Jashon up for training immediately. We have been training with Lance for over a year now, and very thankful to have been fortunate enough to meet him. He also coaches my son's AAU team and have taken them to great levels of success and tournament championships.

The Ohara family have become part of our family. Lance really takes the time to encourage, and educate his players about team work and team spirit. Working with Lance and Cyndee (and their boys) have made our entire family (not just my son, the basketball player), but ALL of us, more knowledgable about the game. We continue to train with Lance and Next Level until the NBA calls!!!"

Tye and Jeff Lewis

"Coach Lance is a very good coach and trainer. My favorites are Coach Lances conditioning drills. Defense training is his specialty and one we do the most, along with ballhandling. I always look forward to training camps because I know he will make it fun. Working with Coach Lance makes me work harder and has made me a better individual and team player. Coach Lance says "There are no mistakes, just bad decisions", and I work on good decision each game."

Jashon Lewis
YBA 5th Grade AAU Team

"We want to say thank you to Coach Lance for the AMAZING one on one and group training for our 9 year old, Nathan. Nathan’s passion is basketball and Lance helped to provide him with the skills necessary to become a better all-around ball player. Lance teaches a lot of “fast feet” skills which every ball player needs but doesn’t always have instinctively. The drills and training Nathan received really helped him to focus on these skills which over time has begun to be more automatic. We had such a great experience with Lance that we told 3 of Nathan’s friends about the class and they all joined him for more group training. Lance really knows his basketball, and knows how to share this with the players in such a way that they just think they’re having fun!"

Thanks again, you guys!
Amy Giannini, mother of Nathan

"Thank you for the wonderful coaching experience. Since Christian started training and playing under coach Lance he has developed motivation, confidence, and more love for the game. Skills wise? Need I say more??!!!! LOL! "C" will definitely play under coach Lance again!!!! No questions asked!!!!!!"

Isabelo P., Father of Christian

"Dear Lance,

I would like to take a moment to thank you for all you are doing and have done toward training and organizing basketball skills for our son Everett. Before we came to you, we had looked at other basketball teams and organizations to determine which would fit our goals of achievement. Now that we have been a part of your team and have experienced your coaching ability, it was and has been the right choice for our son's basketball training. Together with your training and Cyndee's organizing, you have put together the best youth basketball program in our opinion. Thank you both for your hard work and dedication to all of our young Basketball players."

Sincerely, Libolt Family
Son plays for YBA 5th grade AAU Team

"Hi Coach, Both Devin and Willy had a great time and they did learn alot about passing and positioning the ball. Devin asked to attend the next camp!"

Kim B., Mother of Devin and Willy
Sons attended our 2009 Thanksgiving Skillz Camp

This quote is directly from Jack K., camp participant: "I really liked the camp and I think it will make me a better player. The drills were really fun. I especially liked dribbling through the cones, going behind the back and spinning, and also shooting layups while Coach Lance hit me with a rubber pad!"

From Brad K., Father of Jack
Son attended our 2009 Thanksgiving Skillz Camp

"Cameron only attended Tues & Wed.,he said the coaches were nice and he had fun."

Lynette D., Mother of Cameron
Son attended our 2009 Thanksgiving Skillz Camp

"Good Morning Lance, I just wanted to share with you that Joshua Farr had a wonderful time at your Christmas camp. He could not wait for me to get home in the evening and share with me everything you worked on during the day's session and then he couldn't wait to go to the gym in the evening and continue to work on the things you taught the campers. Thank you very much and we look forward to the next camp/training!"

Greg Farr
Granite Bay, CA
Son attended 2009 Christmas Skillz Camp

"Dear Lance & Cyndee, This was a great camp for Paul. He is a big kid who loves the game. You have tapped into his desire to do his best and it really showed this week. He loves to work hard and had a great time. That is why you saw him at both the Thanksgiving and Christmas camps. He really likes the coaches you have and feels he learned more from your camps than any other ones he has attended in the past. Lance I just wish you ran a 6th grade AAU team so he could play for you!"

Dave G., Father
Son attended 2009 Christmas Skillz Camp

"Kelly Barr LOVED it! We're very interested in more. Birthday parties for July & August are already in the planning stages. Thank you for sparking her competitive edge and the encouragement! Do you have any adult leagues for Mom?"

Stacy Barr, Mother"
Son attended 2009 Christmas Skillz Camp

"We’d like to give an unsolicited “shout-out” and heartfelt thank you to Coach Lance. Our son, Blake, has participated in private lessons as well as group instruction with Next Level Training.

Blake cut his basketball teeth (in a) “pay to play, roll out the ball and let the kids hoist shots from anywhere on the court” kind of recreational league.

Since we combined Blake’s love of the game with Coach Lance’s coaching style, Blake’s skill level and confidence have risen dramatically. His understanding of basketball fundamentals and the team concept have grown and continue to grow exponentially with every workout. He is learning the importance of throwing the extra pass and setting a strong pick for a teammate. Blake even enjoys playing the gritty man to man defense that Coach Lance teaches.

In one private session, Coach Lance ran the agility drills and sprints with Blake, chasing him all over the court. His hands-on style really gets the kids attention. It’s little wonder why Blake has so much respect and admiration for Coach.

Coach Lance is giving Blake invaluable tools he will use on and off the court for the rest of his life."

John and Michele
Roseville, CA

"This was our first year attending The Next Level Basketball Skillz camp. My son had a great time!! The camp was well structured and the children all kept busy. Coach Ohara and his staff were great with the kids. There were enough coaches to notice and help all the kids improve their skills. It was wonderful being apart of their team. They seem to share the same values and goals as our family. Coach Ohara is a very positive and encouraging coach. He really knows how to pull the team to work together. After the camp was over my son walked away with confidence and the knowledege of knowing that if he worked hard enough he could improve his skills. Thank you Lance, Cyndee and all the staff who worked so hard with these kids.... YOU ALL did a GREAT job!!! Keep up the good work."

Melissa, mother of Benjamin
Attended Summer Skillz Camp 2009
Roseville, CA

"I feel that my son Jeremy's sessions went really well and that he got a lot out of them. It has been great as a parent to watch him learn new skills and feel good about himself, his confidence level seems to get higher after a good training session and he said he feels like he is "getting better". The physical conditioning is his favorite, he loves to run, though when pressed he will say he likes it all. Jeremy say's he wants to continue to attend the training session as they come up because, in his words " they are really fun". I would like him to do more sessions in the coming year because of the personal growth I see in him and the challenges I see him overcoming. Great program!"

Dan and Rebecca Lillis, parents of Jeremy
Attended I.T. Sessions 1 & 2
Auburn, CA

"This is the second skillz camp Dawson has attended. We want more! Coach Lance does an incredible job with mixing up the clinic with footwork, fundamentals, conditioning, and defense. I especially appreciated the emphasis on defense, and teaching them the proper positioning. So many coaches assume the kids know where to go on defense but Lance breaks it down and explains to the kids so they understand where and why they need to be in certain spots on the floor. I noticed an improvement in my son's help defense in his very next game. Can't wait for more clinics and camps! Keep up the GREAT work Coach!"

Jeanette and Dan Fugate
Parents of Dawson Fugate
Weimar, CA
Attended Intense Training Session 1 and 3

"As a parent and a youth coach myself, I am pleased with the way Coach Lance runs his Intense Trainings and his Camps. Fundamentals, fundamentals, fundamentals. This is how I coach my kids and I appreciate this about Lance. He works the kids hard and also makes it a fun learning experience. He incorporates team work and what it means to be a good teammate. Great job!

Parents of Gabriel Gillespie
Attended Intense Training 1 and 2 and Summer Skillz Camp 2009

"What a fantastic experience this has been for our son Zakary. Coach Lance has taught Zakary not only the fundamentals of basketball but also the ability to help him refine his skills and enjoy the game. We are so impressed with Coach Lance's training techniques his professionalism and passion in training Zakary. We will definitely continue our training sessions with Coach Lance and would recommend Next Level Basketball Training to anyone looking for a positive and fulfilling experience. Thank you!"

Mille and Mike Book
Roseville, CA

"Our son Dawson, age 9, participated in a 5 session skills clinic with Next Level Basketball Training and Coach Lance. Dawson absolutely loved the passion, integrity, competitiveness and challenges that Coach Lance brought to the court. Coach Lance is able to motivate and teach the ever so important fundamentals to this age group in such a way that the boys understand the concepts and are able to carry that over so they can practice the drills at home.

Coach Lance has become a role model for our son. He exemplifies high standards, work ethic and determination and the "never quit" attitude which Dawson will carry with him as life lessons. We highly recommend Coach Lance and Next Level BB Training for any parent who wants the best fundamental and skill basketball training in a highly ethical and positive environment!"

Jeanette and Dan Fugate
Weimar, CA

"What a great program Coach Lance has put together for these kids. Our son Jeremy has been gaining skills not only in basketball, but is building his self confidence and sportsmanship as well. Coach Lance's skills clinics and camps are well organized and structured, so the kids learn the fundamentals they need for the game, while also having a great time. We would recommend Coach Lance and the Next Level Basketball Training to any parent who wants to give their kids the opportunity to succeed on the court and off. When asked what he liked most about playing for Coach Lance, Jeremy responded "having fun", and that's really what it's all about. Lance makes learning the game fun for the kids, and Jeremy couldn't have a better coach."

Rebecca and Dan Lillis
Auburn, CA

"Coach Lance provided our son with a wonderful training experience. Our son has been playing basketball for a few years and loves it. We were so happy to find Coach Lance because he obviously has a love for the game and loves sharing his basketball knowledge and skills with kids. Our son absolutely learned and appreciated the experience. Coach Lance's focus on fundamentals first is great; my son not only developed new skills, but he improved and refined his fundamental skills as well. We would definitely recommend Coach Lance to anyone who wants to learn in a positive environment with a great coach. Our son has grown as a player thanks to Lance and we plan to continue our son's training with him. Thank you!"

Rob & Sheri
Granite Bay, California

"Coach Lance Ohara has been coaching our son, Brendyn, age 10, for the past year. Lance’s effective drills, positive attitude and love for the game has given Brendyn the confidence and skills he needed. After only 2 years of basketball play, my son is now ready for highly competitive basketball play, AAU, in March. Coach Lance has been training Brendyn for 10 sessions, working on his shooting skills. In last week’s game, Brendyn scored 15 points, including 5 steals! Amazing, since prior to that game, he averaged about 2-4 points per game. We can’t thank Coach Lance enough for his devotion and dedication to coaching and training all young basketball players. We have two boys ages 10 and 14. Lance Ohara’s Next Level Basketball Training, is by far the most professional and effective basketball training that we have ever experienced."

The Ikeda Family
Auburn, California

"My family has been very blessed watching my son, Alex, grow in skill and talent under Coach Lance's instruction. Basketball has just been given a gift now that Lance is working with kids in a training type setting."

Jon & Kris Schneider

"The personal attention and fundamental training that you have given Christian has helped him with confidence and he enjoys each session. With his skill level improved, he has made his schools' JV basketball team and is helping his team in all areas. We appreciate Christian's enthusiasm and all the great work you are doing.

Thank you, Harrison & Brenda Woolfolk
Roseville, CA

"My son, Evan, came to Lance without any basketball experience whatsoever. Evan just loves Coach Lance's style as he is positive, patient, and focuses on the individual's learning style and abilities. Lance uses very effective drills and techniques in both individual lessons and group camps which just further exemplifies his knowledge of basketball and people. Within just a few lessons, Evan has received compliments from other parents at our family gym. Furthermore, my son was asked to play on a team in a competitive league. He made three baskets, 2 steals, and 4 rebounds in his first game. To quote his team coach, "...he is at a level in basketball that I did not expect. He is showing much more potential than anticipated." Without Coach Lance's training Evan would not be playing at the skill level he is today, nor would he be enjoying himself this much!"

Sincerely, Tamara Strasser
Granite Bay, CA

"My boys had a great time at the winter camp. David had a very self confidant swagger because he had the chance to be a “coach”. (Also) We saw such a big difference in his (David's) ball handling and self confidence in that two week period... Thanks again for all your help and encouragement!" (David completed 5 training session before his AAU team tryout, which he made the team! CONGRATULATIONS DAVID!!!)

Monte and Michelle Garrett

"This was a well organized and motivating camp for my son. He has experienced many camps before and this one he came back tired, happy and wanting the camp to last all week. Thank you for a great camp!"


"Our two children attended a three-day camp with Next Level. We have a ten year old boy and a 8 year old girl, with different athletic abilities. Both of them gained confidence in their 'skillz' and learned a lot about the game of basketball. Both of our kids have been in martial arts for about four years. Coach Lance works the kids as hard as a good karate session. He has a great motivating style with his students. He does not want the players to be offense oriented (one could practice shooting anywhere else) as he stresses the importance of the fundamentals, fitness, agility, and defense. We look forward to be able to attend another one of the camps. Thank you Next Level!"

Donn & Lisa S.
Colorado Springs,CO

"Our son Jackson has played basketball for the past 7 years, the last 3 years in competitive leagues. He is now 11 years old and has been trained by some very good coaches. After attending Coach Ohara’s Basketball Skills Camp this summer, Jackson’s defense is remarkably more aggressive and skillful. His fundamental skills are more refined as well. Coach Ohara creates a very positive and fun environment from which a beginning player can acquire basic skills and an accomplished player can build on the abilities they already posses and learn new techniques as well. We hope to have Mr. Ohara’s specialized coaching become a regular part of my son’s training."

Len & Terra Sterling

(Regarding our Winter Camp)"Bradley had a great time! He wasn't keen on going because he wasn't sure if any of his friends would be there, but once he got there he had a great time. He was kept busy and your coaches had positive comments. The moment that he still talks about happened on Tuesday. It was the end of the day and his team (with your son) and another team had one minute (left) for 3 on 3. The last couple of seconds Bradley shot from the 3 point line and it went in! One of your coaches looked at him and told him, "shot of a lifetime...unbelievable...congrats!" Bradley was walking on air!!! Your coaches were great, kind, and helpful...thank you for a great experience!"

Susan Peterson, mom of Bradley
"We would recommend Coach Lance as a trainer, coach, and mentor to any family that is seeking a positive mentor/coach to teach their children the game of basketball. Coach Lance not only loves the game of basketball but, has a passion for teaching the game, it's history, and how to maximize each child's potential. Lance is focused on ensuring that every child that he trains noticeably improves in basketball skills, teamwork, conditioning, and self confidence. Our son Brennon has only been playing basketball for nearly a year. He has completed 10 sessions with Lance and is signed up for another 10. This has been the best thing to give Brennon the skills and the confidence to be successful on the basketball court. During previous seasons Brennon has had the energy and desire to be the best player that he can be but was seeking the basketball knowledge. He has tried to settle in to a role within a team. After a few sessions with Coach Lance, Brennon's season started up again where he has been able to apply the knowledge that he has learned. Brennon's coach has commented numerous times on how impressed he is with Brennon's quick ability to learn the plays and sees that he is truly understanding the game rather than simply running up and down the court. Each week, Brennon's coach names a player of the game based on effort and executing what was learned in practice. Brennon was very proud that he received this recognition for the first game and has assumed the role of the point guard to run the team's offense. We know that this is all a result of the training that Brennon has received from Coach Lance. Finally, if there is one main reason that we would recommend Coach Lance, is the value system that he and his family have in place. We have only known the Ohara's for nearly a year as our younger son Dominic plays for Coach Lance on his non-comp team. The family value system that is in place carries over to the basketball court. The support that Lance and Cyndee have for each other and their children are second to none. In today's culture, this is a great accomplishment and we are thankful to know the Ohara's and have our children benefit from training and coaching by Coach Lance."
Bill & Kristen Spence

"Coach Ohara is awesome...My son plays on his basketball team and loves it! His practice time is effective and structured - full of drills and fundamentals that helps my player's coordination, ball-handling skills, and confidence level. As parents, we understand that most - if not all - of the time a coach spends is voluntary. With Lance, he is always professional. He shows up with a game plan. He motivates, encourages, and builds each team member so that as individuals they are proud of who they are, and as a team, they are 'prepared' to win. Congrats, Lance...Glad to see you're in business!"

Lilly H.
Granite Bay,CA
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