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The game of basketball is easy. Dribble. Shoot. Pass. Score.

At I'm Possible Basketball Training Sacramento, we want to be able to teach the youth the game of basketball so that they can develop a love for the game.

So why do many children struggle? I say, "self-inflicted damage". They want to shoot the three-pointer without being able to make a layup, or without knowing the fundamentals of shooting. The result? A "throw" or "heave" rather than a shot, frustration, and eventually a loss of love for the game. Kids want to be able to roll on the ground and dribble, and dribble through their legs, without being able to dribble with both hands. Kids want to steal every ball, but do not know what a "defensive stance" or "defensive slide" is. They want to be part of a winning team, without knowing how to be a team player first.

At I'm Possible Basketball Training Sacramento, we also want all players develop self confidence that they can play and compete at whatever level they are willing to work towards.

"The 'Fundamentals' Never Change."

Given the proper instruction and guidance, this basketball can be easy.


We offer the opportunity for the beginning player to learn the game of basketball in a fun, yet demanding environment that allows the player to develop a love and respect for the game of basketball, and gain personal confidence. We also offer the opportunity for the more advanced player to improve their current skills, learn new skills and take their game to the next level while enhancing their love and respect for the game and building their self-esteem.

Our basketball training program, that has been developed by NBA Skills Coach and I'm Possible Founder, Micah Lancaster is designed for players of all ages and skill levels.

In addition: • Develop / Enhance proper ball handling with BOTH hands. • Teach proper passing. • Develop proper shooting technique. • Teach proper offensive and defensive positioning. • Develop quickness on the floor. • Moving without the ball. • Footwork. • Triple threat. • Defense. • Conditioning • Decision-making.


We are committed to the highest ethical standard within our profession and while we cannot guarantee your player will play in the NBA or receive a Division I college scholarship, we can guarantee your player will be given personal attention and given the tools to improve their game in a positive environment.


Primarily serving Lincoln, Rocklin, Roseville and Communities in Placer County. However, we are not biased, as we would like to serve as many players as possible. Please contact us if you are within the Greater Sacramento Area, but outside of our local area.


I'm Possible Training Program developed by Micah Lancaster

  • Small/Large Group Training
  • Personal Training
  • Specialty Clinics
  • Youth Camps

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