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Here we are again...our SECOND issue. Normally, when you receive one of these, it means there's someting we're excited about!!

The main purpose of our e-zine is to primarily keep you up to date with new and exciting things with our training, but we plan to occasionally mix in other things of interest.

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Next...the NEW NEWS is that we have set the date for our THANKSGIVING WEEK SKILLZ CAMP!!! Here's the info in a nutshell...

When: November 23rd – 25th, 2009
Time: 9:30AM – 12:30PM
Ages: Grades 3rd-6th
Cost: $85 per player
Current YBA DAWGS AAU CLUB players receive a $15.00 discount.
Early Registration Deadline: November 16th, 2009
$95 after this date or at the door.
(Players not guaranteed a camp T-shirt.)
Where: Hardwood Palace

Please visit this page for all the info on our Thanksgiving Week Skillz Camp and to register online & EARLY!

ALSO, STAY TUNED AS WE HAVE A CHRISTMAS WEEK CAMP IN THE PLANNING STAGES! You can click here to be put on an interest lilst to be notified when registration has opened up!


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Coaching Thoughts...

From time to time, I will include something that will give you an idea froma "coach's perspective". Don't know what will be here...as things sometimes just "roll from my brain". It will always be my opinion and you don't have to agree, but hopefully it will be thought provoking.

First up: Volunteer Coaching. First off, thank you to all volunteer coaches! Without you, the leagues would not operate, and kids would not have a sport to play! I think everyone knows the importance of a volunteer coach, but sometimes I wonder if the volunteer coach knows the importance of their role.

At the younger ages, I believe it is important to focus on the fundamentals. If you are a volunteer coach, and your focus is winning, I believe you are doing the players a disservice. I believe it is our jobs to prepare the players for when they get older. I mean, when was the last time a second grade team actually ran a pick and roll play correctly, and displayed great help defense? Hmm...

Now, how many times did you as the coach yell at them for travelling, or double dribbling? Maybe if they were taught a proper jumpstop, or how to properly dribble with both hands...

Please don't get me wrong. I respect all volunteer coaches, because being one myself, I know it is definitely a tough "job". But, it can also be a very rewarding one to see a player advance up the levels of play with the proper fundamentals, and surpassing the competition knowing you had a little something to do with it.

DRILL IT DOWN!!!! There is a drill I use with my younger kids that incorporates dribbling (both hands), change of directions, speed, and conditiong. I call them "Dribble 15's". Players line up on the sideline and are to speed dribble to the other sideline with their right hand (touching the sideline with their foot). When they get to the opposite sideline they switch hands and speed dribble back. This continues until they have gone up and back 15 times (each way is one). I give them one minute to complete it. No one has done it yet. I don't "punish" them, I just want them to push themselves.

I have them focus on speed dribbling under control. The idea is not to lose the ball. Keeping the dribble at wasit high or below.

Thank You!!

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Coach Lance