I.T. (Intense Training) Clinics

Our I.T. Sessions were a BIG SUCCESS! Thank you to my volunteer coaches that helped in making everything run smoothly. Participation at each clinic was limited to ensure attention was given to all players, and each session was SOLD OUT!!!

The clinics were designed to work the players out very hard in a short amount of time, while still focusing on the fundamentals. Things we focused on were:footwork, defensive footwork, conditioning and light core strength training. Our second and third clinics were "combo clinics" that focused on all aspects of the game (including the above already mentioned), offensive moves, ball handling, and team defensive concepts and much more!

Everyone had a great time and learned a lot!! So much so, we will be looking to do more of these sessions in the future.

Reminder: These sessions are not for beginners, as I push the kids to work harder than they are used to.

Here's what some parents had to say about our I.T. Sessions:

"I feel that my son Jeremy's sessions went really well and that he got a lot out of them. It has been great as a parent to watch him learn new skills and feel good about himself, his confidence level seems to get higher after a good training session and he said he feels like he is "getting better". The physical conditioning is his favorite, he loves to run, though when pressed he will say he likes it all. Jeremy say's he wants to continue to attend the training session as they come up because, in his words " they are really fun". I would like him to do more sessions in the coming year because of the personal growth I see in him and the challenges I see him overcoming. Great program!"

Dan and Rebecca Lillis, parents of Jeremy
Attended I.T. Sessions 1 & 2
Auburn, CA

"This is the second skillz camp Dawson has attended. We want more! Coach Lance does an incredible job with mixing up the clinic with footwork, fundamentals, conditioning, and defense. I especially appreciated the emphasis on defense, and teaching them the proper positioning. So many coaches assume the kids know where to go on defense but Lance breaks it down and explains to the kids so they understand where and why they need to be in certain spots on the floor. I noticed an improvement in my son's help defense in his very next game. Can't wait for more clinics and camps! Keep up the GREAT work Coach!"

Jeanette and Dan Fugate
Parents of Dawson Fugate
Weimar, CA
Attended Intense Training Session 1 and 3

"As a parent and a youth coach myself, I am pleased with the way Coach Lance runs his Intense Trainings and his Camps. Fundamentals, fundamentals, fundamentals. This is how I coach my kids and I appreciate this about Lance. He works the kids hard and also makes it a fun learning experience. He incorporates team work and what it means to be a good teammate. Great job!

Parents of Gabriel Gillespie
Attended Intense Training 1 and 2 and Summer Skillz Camp 2009