What are they doing?!?

Here's what some of our clients are up to and how they're putting their basketball skills to work for them!

If you're one of our happy clients (or former happy clients), and want to let us know what you're doing with your skills, send your story and a picture here.

Joshua, Alex & Jashon travel to San Diego to meet "The King".

Joshua,Alex & Ja
Joshua, Alex S. and Jashon L.(all Next Level Basketball Training clients) travelled to beautiful San Diego to the Lebron James King's Academy Basketball Camp, held from July 29th-August 4th, 2010.

With close to 800 campers, ages 7 to 18 travelling from as far away as Australia, Spain and China, as well as from other states like Miami, Arizona and Ohio...UC San Diego was a busy place.

It was basketball from morning (900AM) until night (900PM), so there was no shortage of them being able to showcase their skills! And did they ever!!

Here's Alex receiving his award for 5-on-5 Team Champs (REPEAT!!)! Presented by Lebron himself!!

All three worked on their game, and all three came back with great accomplishments to talk about! Keep in mind - 800 campers, and MAYBE 150 awards (team and individual) were given out...so to come back with any "hardwood" or "special considerations" made by any of the camp coaches, commissioners or director is a HUGE deal!!

They even got to get up close and personal with the person responsible for bringing "The King" to this Earth (LeBron's Mom)!!!

Here's Jashon with LeBron James' mom!!

After the first day, Jashon was chosen to move up a grade because of his dominance at the 10-11 year old level. This is a HUGE deal, as only a chosen few are requested to be moved up. GREAT JOB!!!

Alex again led his team to the CHAMPIONSHIP for the 5-on-5 games for his conference (8 Teams), this is the second year in a row that Alex has led his team to victory at the camp. He's talking about a "Three-Peat" next year! For his accomplishment, Alex received a 5-on-5 Champion camp plaque from LeBron himself!! WAY TO GO ALEX!!

Here's Joshua receiving his first of two awards presented by "The King"!!

And...by applying his knowledge of the game and individual skills that he's worked on over and over, Joshua received an individual camper award! AWESOME!!!In addition to winning the Hot Shots Championship over 80 players, what makes me most proud is that out of the 80 players in his conference, Joshua was chosen by the coaches as having the "Best Basketball IQ". GREAT ACCOMPLISHMENT!!!

Here's Joshua sporting his two pieces of "Hardwood" YEAH!!!!!

BUT...trophy, or no trophy, it was all for the experience of it all! They're all talking about the next one!! I always say we're here to make their dreams come true...and this was certainly one of "those moments"!!!!

All three NLBT clients "cheesin' it up" for the camera with Li'l Dru and Romeo of the big screen movie "More Than A Game" and overseas pro ball fame!!

Josh Mack also travels to meet LeBron (Oops! I mean play basketball)

Another client of ours, Josh Mack(soon to be 4th grade) also is a big Lebron fan, and travelled to San Diego for the camp. Josh also led his team to the 5-on-5 Championship and received a plaqure from LeBron!! AWESOME JOB!!!

Ryan Haug
Josh Mack gettin' some "Camera Time"!!!

Josh Mack and the SEC are FIRED UP"!!! Check out the shirt!!!

Ryan Haug makes the trip (again) to UC San Diego to showcase his skills!

The player responsible for introducing us to the King's Academy a year ago, Ryan Haug, made the trip to UC San Diego to meet "The King" once again. Ryan showed his "baller" skills and was in the finals for the 1-on-1 competition. He did a GREAT JOB the entire week and had a BLAST!!

Ryan Haug
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