Adult Fitness Training


Coach and Certified Personal Trainer John Pichon (Pictured Above),  has been helping people and athletes for the past 6 years and is ready to help you reach your fitness goals.  Coach John played Division 1 basketball for McNeese State,  was two time MVP of the professional Australia Seabl League,  and was also a top player in both Finland and Europe. Coach John is no stranger to hard work and knows what it takes to keep the body in top shape. Coach John also has experience with athletic performance classes, CrossFit classes and Boot Camp style classes.

Programs will be designed for everyone. The focus will be to promote a more healthy and active lifestyle for parents and adults.

FOR THE ADULT/PARENT: Emphasis on developing a program to create and/or increase daily activity and develop and maintain a more active and healthy lifestyle in a non-threatening, less intimidating environment. GOALS:
  • Increase weekly activity
  • Increase heart rate (helps to curb high blood pressure, etc.)
  • Have Fun
  • Smile
  • Feel good about yourself
  • Introductory Resistance Training
  • Strength
  • Cardio Training and more

Promoting a more healthy and active lifestyle for parents and adults by adding the convenience of training "while you wait". Training classes are held during (or right before) our youth basketball training sessions, so while you are waiting for your player to train, might as well "fit in" a workout!

  • $50/mo. with a player registered with the Complete Player Basketball Training Program.
  • Tuesday & Thursday
  • 6PM - 645PM
  • All session are held in the I'm Possible Fitness Room located behind Court 6 at Hardwood Palace.
Testimonial: "I can truly say the Adult Fitness class inspired me to get fit again. I feel like an athlete again! With a scheduled time and a trainer, I didn't try to use the usual excuses of "why you can't work out" because I felt a part of a team that I did not want to let down:) Because John is so good at what he does, I actually enjoyed the work out! ~ A.Clifton (Fitness class participant)

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